Frequently Asked Questions

Managed accounts are suitable for two major reasons. First, they allow you to get on with your day-to-day business while we work/make trade selections on your behalf. Second, investors often get a more significant return rate than individuals trading alone.

You hold funds in your own account in the broker, which cannot be withdrawn by the trader, the only power you grant to the trader is trade only access, which allows the trader to make trade selections on your behalf. as you give the limited access to the fund managers to trade your fund in the MAM (multi account manager), a system based on lot allocation. Pooled funds work as profit allocation management module (PAMM), however trading result in both system are the same.

Our customers have complete control of the trading account as it is in their name, or the corporation’s name, and can therefore withdraw money and add cash. As long as all pending trades are closed, the account can be closed down whenever the investor wants.

We trade assets we are familiar with. When traders trade assets, they know they start to remove the luck element and replace it with skill. This strategy always increases the chances of winning trades.



Yes, you can access real time account stats by logging into your broker account. You can view and Track trades in real time.

We charge 20% performance based fee. Fees are taken on profit sharing basis which means we can not take profit sharing until you reach your target at the end of the trade session.

As of January 2019, we have 2450+ clients with US$535 Million MuM. (Money Under Management).