Scarlett Bostock

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What is Global Financial Market?

Over 20 Million Traders, more than 7 Trillion Dollar daily turnover, unaffected by most of the temporary news and regional events, not influenced by individuals, companies or rumours.

Global Forex market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world with market cap averaging around USD 7 Trillion per day. The only market that is Open Monday to Friday (apart from crypto which is 24×7) non-stop by multiple major markets overlapping each other.

This market is awake on Monday morning of Sydney, joined by Tokyo, later by Frankfurt and London, gradually strengthened by the US market and US west coast and again taken over by Sydney on Tuesday. It’s a very interesting market to dive into, provided you are either guided or well aware of the overall market.

Why Us?

What We Offer

Wealth generation for our clients is our sole mission. Crypto Trading is considered to be one of the high gain investments and we have created a consistent track record of success.

We open only good-quality trades. All trades are placed after extensive technical and fundamental research. Our team has more than two decade of active trading experience and keeps monitoring all trades round the clock. 

Portfolio Management

I offer the top quality portfolio management service to my clients with guaranteed high returns.

Big Funds Management

It is capable of handling high-value funds over $500 Million with proven strategies and techniques.

Risk Management

We make very large returns for our clients through proper risk management.

Financial Consulting

We also offer the best financial consulting services to our clients.

Get to know us

About Us


Scarlett Crypto Management has 10+ years of exposure, specializing in managing and Trading Forex on a global scale. It is capable of handling high-value funds over $500 Million with proven strategies and techniques tried and tested in the real markets over the years.

We have developed our own Crypto Trading Algorithm along with a Live Command Centre to automate trading in an efficient way, which no other trader has done to date. You can also check our performance chart to know more about the past returns of our Trading Algorithm.

We manage investors’ funds with extreme caution. Our risk management strategy includes winning risk/reward ratio, innovative hedging options, and diversification of the trading portfolio. Further, We are long-term traders.



Scarlett CRYPTO MANAGEMENT proprietary, dynamically managed quantitative models are developed to trade in time of market increased Volatility.

  • Our models are based on complex algorithms developed using extensive quantitative research, analysis and testing.
  • All trades are diligently crosschecked by our Portfolio Managers before sending to markets. This model allows integrating precision of algorithmic trading, with human supervision and override at all times.
  • According to our trading model Scarlett CRYPTO MANAGEMENT Portfolio Manager trades a portfolio of discrete algorithms employing different trading logic and currency pairs to diversify and better manage risk. Each trading model is constantly monitored to manage performance and protect capital.

The Idea

Scarlett Crypto Management was an idea since 2013 to serve the needs of Investors without geographical boundaries.

Since we opened our account management doors since 2013, We have helped an impressive number of investors change the way they feel about investing. With the help of our cutting-edge trading techniques which enable investors to attain their multi million-dollar goals in ways they never could with traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, etc. empowering them to take control of their own finances. We have been researching, developing, and testing Trading Algorithms since 2018 before launching the fully tested Crypto Trading Algorithm live in 2019.

Partner With Us

We invite you to invest with us, to be a part of our exciting journey in providing the world with a revolutionary product.

Our technology, trading strategy and Crypto Trading Algorithm is already running live successfully since 2019 and back tested with 10 years of data. We are in the process of licensing and regulation. Meanwhile, we are open to Equity or Debt, or Joint Ventures, as part of our next phase of expansion. get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share all the details. We do not rely only on Trading Algorithm. Instead,

We operate with a Win-Win business model as we make money when our clients make money. So you don’t have to worry about your funds’ security. We treat your hard-earned money like our own.

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What our clients say about us

It's been 3 years since I started trading with Scarlett Bostock and she has kept her word! Lots of massive returns! Kudos Scarlett!

David Hooper

Excellent results and great customer support from Scarlett Bostock and her team. She is the best crypto manager ever.

Lisa Ross

Scarlett is a great analyst and she keeps getting massive returns from her trades, I am happy to work with her.

Reyes Andrew